Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my ultimate find....

there are many reasons why i love living in the "lowcountry" but this week i love living here b/c of things like this- my find of the century! my parents have a house in beaufort, sc ( kind of a "mini charleston"). the town is surrounded by water and beautiful old trees, thus making it a perfect setting for many "designer showhouses". which brings me to my story- my new dining room table.
my parents and i love going to yard sales and if the sales are a bust (which if you go enough you know this definitely happens) then we usually stop by the local habitat for humanity resale store. my mom opted out of going this trip which was fine b/c usually its my dad and i that really dig the place. you just never know what you will find. we walked around the entire store looking at old doors, random electrical cast offs, some odds and ends and it wasn't until the very last second that i discovered it...there hidden under some ugly china and behind a tapestry screen was my luca table in all it's glory. a donation from this designer showhouse that had been sitting in the store for two months....needless to say, i flipped out! i wanted it sooooo bad but i knew i had a hard sale...i had to convince my HUSBAND that we needed that table. being semi- new parents this is the last thing we need but w/ a little twisting of the arm and telling him what a "deal" it was, we are now new owners of the table....unfortunately, we can't get it from my parents garage to our house b/c it's so big but i am just as satisfied w/ it sitting in there b/c i know it now belongs to me!! (btw, i owe a huge thanks to my dad which is why i featured the table w/ his prize possession on it- his dog)!!

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