Wednesday, March 12, 2008

laura bohn's home...

so thank you "google image" (i am in love w/ that silly little thing). it takes me to the craziest places! have y'all used it before?? well, this is how i got to the NY social diary and ran across this article on laura bohn and her freaking fab home! so laura is a funny lady- in this article she describes how she got started in the design world and her clients (it seems like she totally rolls her eyes at them)! she says the only thing that they are worried about is impressing their friends- they aren't interested in bargains in the least. she said she had to teach one of her clients how to fold a towel! anyways- i love hearing other people's stories and seeing how they live...not to mention her home is amazing and use to be an old bank building in the village. how fab!!

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