Friday, February 8, 2008

what's your flavor of the day....

i am totally a ben moore gal...maybe b/c the designer i worked under for seven years only used them and b/c its the only paint brand that gave me two complete designer sets to take to appointments. i could never do paints by purely using a fan deck. i thought i had my paint colors nailed to the house i am working on and the yellow undertones in the preselected tile totally didn't feel right w/ some of the colors...back to square one. what are y'alls favorite colors right now?? i am leaning over to the colors w/ grey undertones but unfortunately that palatte won't work in this house. looks like paint will again dominant my day! have a wonderful weekend!

*my spell check no longer works when i write the post (kind of scary)...has this happened to y'all??

* i didn't stage that picture...and you are probably thinking what kind of designer is she...that tile is only in one tiny bathroon and its broken up into smaller tiles b/w big 18 x 18 to go my daughter is using the blue prints as her new toy at this very moment!!!

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