Thursday, February 14, 2008

i HEART barn doors....

well, if you are looking for a valentine's post reread mine from yesterday...that's all i've got. instead of telling you about how wonderful this holiday is and how awesome it is to get giant balloons that say i love you, i'm telling you about barn doors. i love barn doors. if i can ever afford to build a new house, this will be a major addition to it. it gives so much character to a space. i adore the first door and the track that it hangs on (remember i love wheels). this door was purchased from here and that is also where i found the second pic. the third pic is a fellow blogger, erika's if i am not jealous enough of her space, she has an old barn door incorporated into her amazing office! alright, happy v'day for you love birds out there and for my sos!!

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