Thursday, January 3, 2008

welcoming 2008

i am so sorry that i have been away for so long (although it was kind of nice)! today starts back my "normal routine" more traveling, no more fatty eating, no more husband at home to enjoy the day with. it's sad that it's over but we had an amazing holiday. i cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have a sweet baby to share in the joy of Christmas. it made everything so much better...even though she is too young to know what is going on and she enjoyed the wrapping paper far more then any presents!

now it's time to face reality and start fresh in 2008. i didn't make any specific resolutions- although i did think of some general things i would like to do in 2008. i really just want to make this year happy, healthy, and as much as possible- stress free! so i an attempt to get things going right, i started my day off with The Firm- totally kicked my butt and i am sure that i looked hysterical doing it. my dog was very confused; he wanted to lick the resistance band and sit on my yoga pad w/ me. i am glad i did this in the privacy of my own home and that my husband is at work b/c he would totally be laughing at me! i am also going to try and read more (mom, doesn't this make you proud) and watch less tv. right now i am reading An Affair With a House (well its actually more of a design/coffee table book but it still counts). now that tax season is approaching, i want to be better at my books for 2008. i need to enlist someone to help me organize(any volunteers :)) . and lastly, i want to TRY and be less messy. i told my husband last night, that it's just really hard for me. but i was reading Shape mag and they suggest that a clean house makes for a happier person....i'll let you know how i do! Happy post will begin again next week.

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