Wednesday, January 9, 2008

no, don't worry this isn't turning into a baby blog!

i promise for all of you anti-baby peps, i am not turning this into a baby blog but i couldn't resist sharing these beautiful pieces. i was excited about the comments that people left about the love/hate relationship with PB and thought it would be fun to share some things that in my book would not be found in a mass produced here are some amazing "anti- PB" pieces. and as many people stated, its not the pieces that you put in the room that make the space but rather the creative process that you go through to make it your own!

the amazing lunar library is from growmodern and is something i want for my family room! i love the lattice inspired detail. dad & warren- can y'all make this for me?! the beautiful baby book is also found at growmodern...i wish i had gotten one of these for tay but instead i am the terrible mother who didn't record anything since she has been born...don't hate me for this. i have always adored this ducduc merino wool blanket...something about the massive letter just makes me smile! it's like BAM- i'm a girl. and lastly, i love the celery cribs...i think this is way too modern for PB to knock if you are looking for a "different" piece for your nursery this could be it. i also think its quite clever that it has a chalkboard panel on the sides...much better then your kiddo writing on the wall.....gotta go, my baby just did a super flip and is half way hanging off of her bouncy seat..................

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