Friday, February 1, 2013

my week's been stressful and i'm ready to CHILL OUT.....  this seems quite fitting right now :)
tonight, we are hanging out w/ good friends and i think this guy would be fun to take over to their house...i love a good cheese plate!!
another thing i want to do this weekend is go buy cheap beauty products....i have pinned all of these "great lipsticks" and everytime i'm in target or a drug store, i cannot find them.....any pointers?  anyone found these?
while i'm buying cheap beauty products, i think i need to make my bathroom cabinet look like this...seems simple enough.  if i could only keep it like this! 
and i wish i could do my hair like this...they call it an ombre bun...but that's just fancy for "letting your roots grow out", right (mission accomplished here)!!
as for the rest of the weekend, i plan on haning out w/ my fam....b/c i love those people.  
i hope y'all have a nice, chill weekend!!  xo- pink wallpaper

*all images are on my pinterest

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